About the company...

Cryptical Thinking is designed to meet the rising demand for education regarding crypto currency and all things crypto.  Education is conducted both on and off-site in the form of clinics, workshops and one on one consultation.  Through exposure to various topics on crypto, our students not only come away with a greater understanding of crypto, but with a preparedness to function in a society that will soon be using crypto on a daily basis.  Our methodologies and hands-on approach, makes crypto easier-to-understand and apply.

Our Story

It’s a story about a friendship that started over 35 years ago.  We first met through our participation in the youth group of a small church located in central Ohio.  Our relationship grew quickly and a lot of the time spent growing up and experienceing life, was spent together.  We became part of each others families.  Once we became adults, we went into different fields, but we would occasionally get on the subject of what it would be like to start a venture together.  Years passed and the opportunity never really presented itself, until now.  Cryptical Thinking is OUR venture, or adventure we should say!  We are looking forward to growing with the business and above all to continue on our path together as friends, and now, business partners.

Who we are…

Steve Svetlick

Steve Svetlick is a partner and owner at Cryptical Thinking, LLC.  After spending more than 25 years in the financial services industry, his working efforts now focus on spending time with current clients and educating the willing about crypto.  Steve lives in Grove City, Ohio with his wife Traci, and their two daughters, Ashley and Addie.  When time allows, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, his friends and spending time outdoors, preferably on a boat.

Brian McCann

Brian McCann is a partner and owner at Cryptical Thinking, LLC.  Serving as a director of sales support and development over the last 8 years has led Brian down a road that ultimately refined his ability to coach, teach and mentor others.  Brian lives in Galloway, Ohio with his wife Tricia and their son Brooks.

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