Crypto Courses

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Welcome To Our Crypto Community

In our community, people of all ages and backgrounds come together to become more knowledgeable about crypto.  The goal is to create a comfortable environment where all students have the opportunity to learn and interact at whatever level serves them best.

Choose the learning opportunity that will help you achieve your desired outcome…


Crypto Clinics

3-part series (appx. 2 hrs. each)

Our introductory clinics break down the complexities of crypto currency into easy-to-understand terms, analogies and examples.

Crypto Workshops

Our workshops give students an opportunity to learn in a low key, interactive environment.  They typically cover 2-3 different crypto currency projects, research & analysis methods and technical assistance with apps and software.  Students learn to research by assisting the workshop instructor in internet related searches.   


Personal Consultation

All of the material presented in our three part series comes together for individual sessions with you.


Crypto Clinics & Private Consultation

In our clinics, students gain a broad understanding of the history of money and why crypto exists.  Topics covered include:

• The History of Crypto

• What is Money?

• Methods to Evaluate Crypto

• Taxation of Crypto

• Security and Protection of Crypto Assets

In addition to the education, students have the opportunity to establish personal crypto accounts.  With an instructor close by, most accounts can be set up and ready to use in less than 30 minutes…  

Making Crypto Less Cryptic

+ Clinic 1

This first clinic, in our series of three, is designed to give a macro view of crypto and crypto currency.  In this two-hour session, we cover how and why crypto came into existence and its growing role in the future of money and technology. We address common fears and myths about crypto with supporting factual information.  At the conclusion of this clinic, we assist interested students in setting up their first crypto exchange account.


Tailoring Crypto to Fit You

+ Clinic 2

This 2-hour clinic focuses on the best methods to analyze various crypto currencies and the different styles used to invest and trade in the crypto market. Case examples will be used to demonstrate key metrics about how to make good decisions and how to eliminate crypto projects that don’t fit your personal investment goals.


Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

+Clinic 3

In our final two-hour clinic, we cover two of the most important topics regarding crypto and crypto currencies – the current views on the taxation of crypto assets and what the IRS expects of you. Additionally, we present in-depth information about the security and protection of your crypto assets. At the end of this clinic, a student will be drawn at random to win a personal cold storage device (currently the Ledger Nano X.)  


Crypto Workshops

Our workshops offer an opportunity to explore the crypto universe through instruction and discussions covering approximately 2 to 3 different cryptocurrencies.  The workshop allows for interaction and dialogue to break down particular cryptocurrencies, and to assist students with their personal development and analysis. 

Some workshops will be designed to assist new participants in setting up various apps and software to develop their crypto investments. This professional guidance can greatly aid new crypto participants since there are occasional hurdles that can be frustrating. Our goal is to offer assistance so that new crypto investors have the best possible experience.

    Personal Consultation

    We offer personal consultation for those who want to learn about crypto in an individual  setting.  These sessions cover the same information from our three part series and offer the additional benefits of flexibility in scheduling and having an instructor dedicated to your individual learning experience. 

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