My partner and I set up a new venture last year to teach others about crypto. We spent a lot of time developing the material and ultimately created three separate clinics that give the student a solid foundation to build on. Until now, we have done all of our instruction through a physical classroom environment. We currently bring students into our clinics through the more traditional outlets like posting events online, sending emails and texts and continuing to build our online presence. Very rarely do we talk with someone who isn’t at least somewhat interested in crypto and more commonly, we find that there is a high degree of interest once any level of engaging conversation has taken place. Although the interest is there and people are curious, it has been a challenge getting a significant number of people to commit to an evening of crypto to learn the basics. I get it. Long day at work, the kids, after school activities or even just being worn out. It’s difficult to get motivated when you just want to relax before you have to do the same routine again the next day. Add in the fact that we’ve spent the last 2 1/2 years re-wiring our brains concerning public activity amid a pandemic, and it’s become even harder to put strangers together in a classroom for 2 hours at a time.

We have been game planning ways to expand our reach. We firmly believe that we are on the cusp of crypto gaining mass acceptance and being given a genuine opportunity to change how we view and handle money. Time is of the essence and people need to know this. Not only to understand crypto, but to be able to use it without anxiety. You can’t handle your finances comfortably if you’re constantly afraid it might be stolen, or that you might make a mistake and send it into oblivion instead of where it was supposed to go. This knowledge is crucial to having a good user experience with crypto.

Not to be repetitive, but we are at a point in time regarding crypto, where the word needs to be spread as quickly as possible — I’m talking exponentially. With that being said, Cryptical Thinking (our company) has entered the world of video production. This is new territory for us, but as we reviewed different methodologies to get in front of more people, this option presents a tremendous value for the effort. Although speaking in front of individuals and groups is something we do on a regular basis, we have never once done it for the camera. Fortunately, the startup incubator that we hold our offices in, provides marketing assistance. Had we not had access to this, we would have either had to contract it out or try to dive in and learn how to do it ourselves. Hiring it out is an expensive cash outlay and learning it ourselves presented a significant time challenge, so we are very thankful for the help!

March 30, 2022, we went into the studio for the first time and spent the first two hours just going over the equipment involved. It was a lot to take in. Different cameras, lights, switch boxes, mics, etc., let alone all the new terminology to learn when it comes to editing and style. We made a few clips to get a little content started and to give us something to work on from an editing standpoint.

This is a shot of our first studio setting. If you happen to be a professional in video production, this set up may look quite simplistic, but if you aren’t, like me, it is fairly overwhelming. I had never really thought too much about what it takes to produce a “professional” video. Standing there, having never worked with the equipment before, let alone seeing myself on camera and hearing my voice played back to me, was daunting. I’ve always felt comfortable with my appearance and now I’m suddenly dwelling on my hair, my skin tone, the clothes I’m wearing and just how strange my voice sounds being played back to me. It was quite an experience. I quickly began to realize the time commitment this would be. 

After an hour or so of recording, we packed up and headed back to the office. With a handful of videos to edit and learn on, we hit the next challenge — Editing apps and software. Learning the basics is a decent time investment in and of itself but becoming a pro looks like it would require outright devotion to the craft. We discussed the future of the company right then and there. At the conclusion, we decided that to go from the traditional form of marketing to digital marketing was the only option. Of course, we will continue to do the methods that we are already employing, but not with the vigor that we will give to video. Video gives a reach to the entire planet as opposed to only those who were willing to get in their vehicles and drive to us for an evening.

So there it is. We feel that the content we will be putting out there for people to learn will be a refreshing difference when compared to most of the “hype” videos that feed the current crypto craze. Our goal is to create material that teaches the fundamentals of crypto in an entertaining and engaging way that people will enjoy and retain what they see and hear. How well that goes remains to be seen. For those of you that have already spent the time learning, producing, and editing high quality videos, hats off to you! I now realize the countless hours you spend to give all of us seconds, minutes, and hours of enjoyment watching video online.